Youth for Nature (YFN) is a non-profit organization (NPO) registered at the District Administration Office, Dolpa under the Society Registration Act, 1978, an is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu. It is formed as a result of the group of young students wanting to come together to respond the urgent need of the worsening situation of biodiversity in Nepal. It has been in operation in Nepal since 2009 with its central office located in Dolpa Districts with coordination office at Kathmandu. Vision/Mission Conservation and management of natural and cultural resources wisely and in a sustainable way with local people’s participation under the leadership of youth.
To promote conservation and management of natural resources through participatory research, institution formation and capacity building, conservation education, awareness, publication, networking and goal-oriented programs in participatory, experienced-based learning approaches.


The objectives of YFN are to:

# Conserve the biodiversity of the area with youth participation

# Create community awareness on biodiversity conservation among school children, natural resources dependent people and general local people.

# Conduct research on biodiversity

# Maintain contact and network among amateurs and professionals interested in biodiversity issues

# Improve livelihoods and employment opportunities of the local people through sustainable natural resources management

# Maintain contact and network among amateurs and professionals interested in biodiversity issues

# Maintain coordination and cooperation within various line agencies for conservation and management of biodiversity

# Prepare and disseminate authentic publications on biodiversity conservation


The activities of YFN include 4 thematic programmes (as below) and associated projects needed to achieve the above-mentioned objectives:

# Research and monitoring

# Networking and Capacity Building

# Education and awareness

# Publication and dissemination

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