Our Team

Suraj Upadhaya


AKhanda Upadhaya


Akhanda Upadhaya is currently doing his MBBS degree at Patan Academy of Health Science,Nepal Also Member at U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepals

Beeju Poudyal

Vice President

Beeju is a graduated student from Institute of Forestry, Pokhara campus. As also being a Nepal Program Manager of the INGO SeedTree , she has keen interest on doing research on the natural resources management field with special focus on the women’s contribution.

Mala Deep Upadhaya

IT Manager

Mala Deep Upadhaya is currently doing his Bachelor in Computer Science at Kathmandu University

Ananda Singh Rawol

Field Assistant

Ananda Singh is an active field assistant in our organization.He has also worked at DESERT-Dolpa.

Dinesh Shahi